Glycol removal

Designed for winter use


The GLM range developed by EHR is a specialised cleaning machine designed for winter use at airports, in particular for nearly residue-free removal of de-icing agents. The radial suction blower and the advanced suction system even let you clean at high driving speeds. The floor heating system of the dirt container ensures fast and smooth emptying even at low temperatures. By equipping the cleaning vehicle with a sweeping system or other cleaning equipment, the cleaning vehicle can be adapted to further cleaning tasks and thus for year-round use. Depending on the desired capacity of the dirt container, the GLM range is mounted on a carrier vehicle with 2 axles or more.

Vollhydrostatisch angetriebene Reinigungsfahrzeuge für die effiziente Enteisungsmittelaufnahme - EHR Fahrzeugtechnik



Removal of de-icing agents

Specially designed for winter use on airports, EHR's specialized cleaning machines, operated by means of a fully hydrostatic drive system, ensure nearly residue-free removal of de-icing agents on airport parkings and airport aprons.


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Drive system

Die GLM features a continuous hydrostatic travel and blower drive. A robust electronic CAN bus control system ensures a smooth, load-independent continuous working and blower speed.

This system offers the great advantage that no auxiliary engine is required to drive the devices, as all devices are operated by the engine of the carrier vehicle. Thus, operation of the diesel engine is highly economical.


The GLM is operated via the ergonomic control panel and the additional control panel in the driver's cab. The assignment of the control panels is determined in cooperation with the customer in order to ensure that operation is as intuitive as possible.

Sweeping system

The suction system removes de-icing agents over a working width of up to 3.000 mm. The continuously adjustable high-performance radial suction system with a suction power of at least 32.000 m³/h ensures nearly residue-free removal of de-icing agents at high driving speeds.

The GLM machine’s suction device can optionally be transformed into a system featuring an integrated low-pressure water system for use in summer.

Dirt container

The dirty water container made of V2A stainless steel V2A has a capacity of up to 12 m³. The dirt container, which is fitted with a pneumatically operated vibrator, can be tilted hydraulically. Depending on the required capacity, the GLM can be mounted on a carrier vehicle with 2 or more axles.

To prevent the dirty water from splashing to the side directly behind the dirt container when it is opened, a generous discharge aid is provided. For extreme ambient conditions, the container can also be fitted with a floor heating system.


In order to achieve better utilisation of the machine, the GLM can be optionally equipped with a sweeping system and/or with high pressure water cleaning devices for summer operation, e.g. high pressure front wash bar, rear suction washer, etc.