From a service company to a vehicle manufacturer


EHR Fahrzeugtechnik GmbH was founded in Götzis, Austria, in 2005 as a specialist for the maintenance, repair and sale of spare parts for sweeping and cleaning machines. In the following years, the company continuously grew by developing and manufacturing its own large-scale cleaning machines. With its technically advanced product ranges, the company has set new standards for professional specialized cleaning machines. EHR products are developed, produced and tested at the company’s headquarters in Austria. EHR is now a global supplier of high-performance specialised cleaning vehicles to customers in the fields of municipal services, road cleaning and road construction as well as in the airport industry.

Customised solutions are our core competence


EHR is an expert in the development and production of high-quality specialized cleaning machines. With its various product ranges, our company is able to perfectly cover the complex range of assignments for cleaning vehicles in the municipal sector, in road construction and road cleaning as well as at airports. Each of our large-scale sweeping and cleaning machines can be adapted to meet your precise needs for your particular applications. A high degree of flexibility, our modular system and in-house production also give us plenty of leeway to meet our customers' special needs. For this purpose, our team works hand in hand with our customers during the development, production and final test phases.

Your specialist for the design and manufacture of first-class specialized cleaning machines - EHR Fahrzeugtechnik
High quality standards are an indispensable part of EHR's DNA

Our commitment to quality


High quality standards are an indispensable part of our company’s DNA, making EHR a key partner for municipalities, road cleaning service providers, road construction companies and airport operators worldwide in the field of specialized and large-scale cleaning machines. Our customers benefit from a comprehensive package of technically advanced specialized cleaning machines, professional customer service and first-class support.



As a specialist with extensive expertise in the field of specialized cleaning vehicles, we strive to continuously optimise our vehicle technology by making innovative developments. It is this commitment to innovation that has led us to set new standards, for example with our GEM ultra-high-pressure cleaning vehicles and our rotocleaner high-pressure cleaning device.


By concentrating our entire expertise - from development and production to assembly and putting our machines into service - at our headquarters in Götzis, Austria, we are able to ensure a high level of quality for each of our specialized cleaning machines and, thus, a long service life. With a comprehensive customer service package, we continue to guarantee optimal support, even after you take over your cleaning vehicle.


Different ranges provide us the flexibility to manufacture specialized cleaning machine for cleaning tasks in urban areas, in road construction or at airports. The modular system makes it possible to perfectly adapt each sweeping or cleaning machine - in a continuing dialogue with the customer- to the specific needs and demands.

Active commitment to sustainability


At EHR, we live sustainability in every aspect of our business and place it at the forefront of everything we do. As a European company that provides customers all over the world with specialized cleaning vehicles, sustainability has top priority with us.

At EHR, we live sustainability in every aspect of our business

Ecological aspect

There is no planet B! That’s why we take our responsibility towards the environment very seriously. All EHR products operate without chemical additives and in an environmentally friendly way. The continuous developments and innovations our machines undergo are proof of our relentless efforts to further optimise the environmental balance of our specialized cleaning machines.

Economic aspect

EHR’s specialized cleaning vehicles are technically mature products with a long service life. As part of our customer service, we provide the maintenance, service and repairs to ensure that your machine retains its value for a long time to come. Our expertise in modernising older vehicle types through renovation or in adapting them to meet new cleaning challenges guarantees our customers an attractive long-term investment.

Social aspect

We are a trusted employer in Austria’s Vorarlberg region. At EHR, our employees find an optimal working environment and a challenging, interesting and varied job. We pass our expertise and know-how on to our trainees, who are instructed directly on our premises to become qualified specialists. In this way, we also secure the future of our company in the long run.