Product range

A modular system for all uses


Our high-quality cleaning vehicles are assembled according to the customer‘s specific needs to perfectly meet the required task using our extensive modular system. Every customer receives exactly the right product for its individual cleaning needs.

CSC Compact machines


EHR‘s basic model for large-area cleaning machines is compact yet enormously powerful: The CSC series features an efficient sweeping and suction system and can be optionally fitted with a high-pressure water pump.


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High water pressure cleaning vehicles - EHR Fahrzeugtechnik, Götzis

VRM - High performance & flexibility


Its VRM range enables EHR to offer a large-area high-pressure water cleaning machine with an unbeatable combination of high performance and versatility. With our modular concept, the high-performance cleaning machine can be flexibly adjusted for specific needs.



GEM - Ultra-high pressure


The GEM range is perfectly suited for use at airports, on race tracks, in road construction, road cleaning or on construction sites. An ultra-high-pressure water system ensures reliable removal of rubber skid marks on runways and marker lines at airports and on roads.


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Ultra-high-pressure cleaning vehicles - EHR Fahrzeugtechnik, Götzis
Large-area sweeper for airports - EHR Fahrzeugtechnik

FFK - Large-area sweeper


The FFK range of EHR machines offers a bespoke large-area cleaning machine for use at airports. The sweeping and suction system of the fully hydrostatic machine is specially designed for a working width of up to six metres.



GLM - Glycol removal


The GLM range developed by EHR is a specialised cleaning machine designed for winter use at airports, in particular for nearly residue-free removal of de-icing agents. The radial suction blower and the advanced suction system even let you clean at high driving speeds



Cleaning vehicle for winter use at airports - EHR Fahrzeugtechnik