Ultra-high pressure

The machine for ultra-high-pressure applications


The GEM range is perfectly suited for use at airports, on race tracks, in road construction, road cleaning or on construction sites. An ultra-high-pressure water system ensures reliable removal of rubber skid marks on runways and marker lines at airports and on roads. The GEM range is also suited for roughening road surfaces. The ultra-high pressure machine features a fully hydrostatic drive system. An electronic control system ensures convenient operation. Depending on the application requirements, the vehicle can be optionally equipped with additional high-pressure water pumps and cleaning devices. The GEM range can be mounted either on a truck or a semi-trailer.



A special ultra-high-pressure water system lets you also use the EHR high-performance cleaning machine to roughen large surface areas.

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To remove road markings, our high-performance EHR cleaning machines use an ultra-high-pressure water system.

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To efficiently remove rubber skid marks on runways at airport or other large areas, such as race tracks, EHR's specialized cleaning machines are fitted with a powerful ultra-high-pressure  water system.

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The GEM ultra-high pressure machine range offers two basic models.

Drive system

During the working mode, all motion functions are driven by the fully hydrostatic drive, which is solely operated by the carrier vehicle engine. The vehicle as well as the blower and the water pump are continuously hydraulically operated.

Alternatively, additional devices are used in order to realise even higher water pump performances and/or solutions which are independent from the carrier vehicle.

All functions are monitored and controlled from the driver's cab by means of a CAN bus control.

Operation and control

All functions of the GEM machine can be controlled from the driver's cab. The machine is designed for one-man operation. Assignment of the control panels is customised according to the customer’s demands as well as to the machine configuration. Efficient operation and immediate operational readiness are thus ensured.

Dirt container & water container

The highly corrosion-resistant dirty water tank made of stainless steel (V2A) has a capacity of up to 15 m³. The hydraulically operated rear door is equipped with an automatic vertical and horizontal lock to ensure sufficient tightness.

The freshwater volume of up to 12.000 litre is divided between several interconnected water containers. To improve weight distribution, one water container is integrated in the dirt tank. The containers are made from corrosion-resistant V2A stainless steel. Filling of the water tanks is centralized by means of a filling connection with a filling filter.

Radial suction blower

The radial suction blower, which is hydraulically operated via the hydrostatic drive, has a capacity of at least 32.000 m³/h. It is controlled from the control panel in the driver's cab. It is possible to continuously adjust the suction power to the respective work requirements, thus ensuring efficient operation at all times.


The jet blaster has a working width of up to 2.400 mm. The hydraulically operated nozzle booms operate at a pressure of up to 3.000 bar. The jet blaster is also fitted with a continuously lateral adjustment function and a full-surface suction feature. All functions are controlled from the driver’s cab.

Demarking blaster

The GEM machine can be fitted with a Demarking Blaster on the right and/or the left. The blasters are provided with a continuous lateral adjustment feature.

The blower booms‘ working width can be individually adjusted. The machine is provided with an integrated powerful, full-surface suction feature. Depending on the machine configuration, the operating pressure is up to 3.000 bar. All functions are controlled from the driver’s cab.