Large-area sweeping machines for airports



Diligent surface cleaning of runways, airport aprons or aircraft parking areas is indispensable for maintaining smooth flight operations. For this purpose, EHR offers a specialised machine portfolio including ultra-high-pressure machines that remove rubber skid marks and also glycol suction machines. All vehicles are flexibly configured in a continuing dialog with our customers in order to provide a specialised cleaning machine perfectly adapted to our customers’ specific tasks.

Gummiabriebentfernung auf Start- und Landebahnen mit den Hochleistungs-Reinigungsfahrzeugen von EHR Fahrzeugtechnik

Removal of rubber skid marks

Removal of rubber skid marks on runways

To effectively remove rubber skid marks on runways at airports or other large areas such as race tracks, EHR'S specialized cleaning machines are equipped with ultra-high pressure water system. The disposal of the dirt load takes place via the strong suction system directly into the dirt container. The fully hydostatic drive system as well as the modern electronic control ensure economical operation as well as convenient operation of the cleaning vehicles. Depending on the specific application, the machines can be equipped with additional high-pressure water pumps and cleaning devices.


Recommended machine types:


Cleaning of airport aprons

Perfect cleaning of circulation areas

EHR's large-area sweeping and cleaning machines ensure a perfect cleaning of sensitive circulation areas at airports. Contaminants or foreign bodies and materials that can cause damage to aircraft and thus become a danger to safe air traffic are reliably removed. The high-performance specialized cleaning machines feature high suction power and large working widths. They can flexibly equipped with additional high-pressure water cleaning devices.


Recommended machine types:


Hocheffiziente Reinigungsfahrzeuge für die Vorfeldreinigung im Flughafenbereich - EHR Fahrzeugtechnik
Hocheffiziente Reinigungsfahrzeuge für die Aufnahme von Enteisungsmittel im Flughafenbereich - EHR Fahrzeugtechnik

Removal of de-icing agents

Designed for winter use

Specially designed for winter use at airports, EHR's special cleaning machines operated by means of a fully hydrostatic drive system allow for nearly residue-free removal of de-icing agents on airport parkings or airport aprons. A high-performance radial suction system as well as the optimised design of the suction system and the dirt water container ensure - event at low temperatures - to work at high driving speeds. Our modular concept makes it possible to perfectly adapt each machine to other cleaning tasks and thus,  year-round use.


Recommended machine types:


Removal of road markings

EHR specialized vehicles make removal of road markings an easy job

To remove road markings, our high-performance EHR cleaning machines use an ultra-high-pressure water system. The suction system conveys the wastewater directly into the wastewater container. If needed, the vehicle can be equipped with additional high-pressure water pumps and cleaning devicesn.


Recommended machine types:


Effiziente Markierungsentfernung im Flughafenbereich mit leistungsstarken Reinigungsfahrzeugen - EHR Fahrzeugtechnik