Our cleaning tasks

Municipal, road cleaning & road construction applications

Road and surface cleaning

Large-area cleaning machines from EHR

Our modular system enables EHR’s large-area cleaning vehicles to be customised as high-performance machines suited for a broad range of cleaning tasks. The vehicles can be equipped with various sweeping systems, high-pressure water pumps for various pressure levels as well as other specialized high-pressure devices. They excel with extremely powerful suction capacity and a large dirt container. Their fully hydrostatic drive and electronic control system permits all road and surface cleaning task to be performed intuitively and efficiently.

Recommended machine types:


Großflächen-Reinigungsfahrzeuge für die Straßen- und Flächenreinigung - EHR Fahrzeugtechnik
Split saugen mit den Saug- und Kehrmaschinen von EHR Fahrzeugtechnik

Split suction

Sucks up bulky particles and reduces fine dust pollution

With their powerful sweeping and suction systems, EHR’s large-area cleaning machines pick up split and other bulky urban waste. The integrated low-pressure wetting system for reducing fine dust pollution can be activated as needed. The fully hydrostatic drive, modern electronic control system and flexible choice of waste container sizes guarantee intuitive and efficient operation of the machines. And if additional cleaning tasks are to be performed, the modular EHR concept permits the high-performance cleaners to be fitted with various high-pressure equipment.

Recommended machine types:


High-pressure water cleaning

Resource-saving surface cleaning

In order to clean roads and construction sites thoroughly without increasing the concentration of fine dust in the air produced by sweeping, EHR’s large-area cleaning machines can be equipped for high-pressure water cleaning: a large selection of powerful water pumps and matching cleaning devices let you clean various surfaces while conserving resources. The suction system transports the wastewater into the wastewater container, while leaving practically no residue.

Recommended machine types:


Ressourcenschonende Straßen- und Baustellenreinigung mit den Reinigungsfahrzeugen von EHR Fahrzeugtechnik
Pflastersteinreinigung mit dem vollhydrostatisch arbeitendenden Reinigungsfahrzeug von EHR Fahrzeugtechnik

Cleaning of cobblestone surfaces

Fully hydrostatic cleaning machines

Optional high-pressure equipment provides the flexibility to adapt EHR’s large-area cleaning machines to also clean cobblestone surfaces. Water pressure and quantity have freely variable settings, and the high suction power and large wastewater containers guarantee efficient performance with these fully hydrostatic cleaning machines.


Recommended machine types:


Oil residue removal

Oil spill removal thanks to advanced technology

Thanks to their combination of high water pressure and excellent suction power, EHR's cleaning machines clean oil spills while leaving virtually no residue. These machines can be additionally fitted with a low-pressure oil spill removal feature. These powerful machines are fully hydrostatic with a modern electronic control system. A range of additional high-pressure equipment is available to further optimise these large-area cleaning machines and adapt them for other cleaning tasks.


Recommended machine types:


Ölspurbeseitigung mit den effizienten und vielseitig einsetzbaren Reinigungsfahrzeugen von EHR Fahrzeugtechnik
Leistungsstarke Reinigungsfahrzeuge für eine effiziente Fräsflächenreinigung - EHR Fahrzeugtechnik

Cleaning milled surfaces

High suction power and large dirt container capacities

With a high water pressure, extremely high suction power and a large wastewater container EHR’s robust cleaning machines ensure in-depth, residue-free cleaning after milling operations. Clean the surface with the fully hydrostatic special machines with electronic control system and you can immediately continue surfacing work without any wait time. A flexible range of wastewater container sizes and optional high-pressure equipment such as the Rotocleaner ensure optimal adaptation for other cleaning tasks in the municipal and road construction sector and in road cleaning.


Recommended machine types:


Roughening of road surfaces

Increases road safety

A special ultra-high-pressure water system lets you also use the EHR high-performance cleaning machine to roughen large surface areas. Fully hydrostatic operation. The modern electronic control system ensures intuitive operation. If needed, the machine can be flexibly fitted with additional high-pressure water pumps and specialized cleaning devices.

Recommended machine types:


Wasser-Ultrahochdruck-Reinigungsfahrzeuge für das Aufrauen von Fahrbahnbelägen - EHR Fahrzeugtechnik, Götzis
Effiziente Markierungsentfernung mit den Hochleistungs-Reinigungsfahrzeugen von EHR Fahrzeugtechnik

Removal of road markings

EHR specialized vehicles make removal of road markings an easy job

To remove road markings, our high-performance EHR cleaning machines use an ultra-high-pressure water system. The suction system conveys the wastewater directly into the wastewater container. If needed, the vehicle can be equipped with additional high-pressure water pumps and cleaning devices.


Recommended machine types: