Compact Machines

The Basic Model


EHR‘s basic model for large-area cleaning machines is compact yet enormously powerful: The CSC range features an efficient sweeping and suction system and can be optionally fitted with a high-pressure water pump. By adding other high-pressure devices included in the modular concept of the CSC products, the large-area cleaning machine can be adapted for different cleaning tasks. The cleaning vehicle is thus predestined for a wide range of municipal, road construction and road cleaning applications. The vehicle operates fully hydrostatically with an electronic control system. The CSC machine is mounted on a two-axle carrier vehicle.



Fitted with a fully hydrostatic drive and electronic control system, the machines perform all road and surface cleaning tasks intuitively and efficiently.

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With their powerful sweeping and suction systems, EHR’s large-area cleaning machines pick up split and other bulky urban waste.

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In order to clean roads and construction sites thoroughly without increasing the concentration of fine dust in the air produced by sweeping, EHR’s large-area cleaning machines can be equipped for high-pressure water cleaning

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Thanks to their combination of high water pressure and excellent suction power, EHR's cleaning machines clean oil spills while leaving virtually no residue.

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With a high water pressure, extremely high suction power and a large wastewater container EHR’s robust cleaning machines ensure in-depth, residue-free cleaning after milling operations.

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Drive System

The CSC features a continuous hydrostatic travel, blower and water pump drive. A robust electronic CAN bus control system ensures a smooth, load-independent continuous working, blower and water pump speed.

This system offers the great advantage that no auxiliary engine is required to drive the devices, as all devices are operated by the engine of the carrier vehicle. Thus, operation of the diesel engine is highly economical.

Dirt container & water container

The highly corrosion-resistant dirty water tank made of stainless steel (V2A) has a capacity of up to 7 m³. The hydraulically operated rear door is equipped with an automatic vertical lock.

The freshwater volume of up to 3.400 litre is divided between two interconnected water containers. To improve weight distribution, one water container is integrated in the dirt tank. The containers are made from corrosion-resistant V2A stainless steel.

Gutter front brushes

Gutter front brushes can be mounted to the left and/or right. The brushes are hydraulically operated. The speed and lifting pressure can be adjusted continuously. To reduce dust formation, the gutter front brush is fitted with low-pressure water nozzles.

Provided with a continuous lateral adjustment feature, the gutter front brushes can also be moved by up to 900 mm to the right and/or the left.

Sweeping-suction system

The double-sided sweeping-suction system includes a gutter brush on the right and the left, a roller brush and a lateral suction nozzle on the right and the left with an integrated, separately switchable low-pressure wetting system. Due to the machine’s high suction power, simultaneous operation on both sides is also possible without any limitation.

The sweeping-suction system can also be designed as a single system, thus featuring a gutter brush and a suction nozzle on the right or the left side.

Rear suction-washing system

The rear suction washer is specially designed for cleaning large areas of polluted surfaces.

The rear suction washer has a working width of up to 2.500 mm. The wash bars are located in front of/behind the suction unit and are splashproof. The maximum cleaning power of the high-pressure system depends on the high-pressure water pump used.

Radial suction blower

The radial suction blower, which is hydraulically operated by means of the hydrostatic drive, has an output of at least 32.000 m³/h. It is controlled from the control panel in the driver's cab. It is possible to continuously adjust the suction power to the respective work requirements, thus ensuring efficient operation at all times.