Large-area sweeper

Designed for large areas


The FFK range of EHR machines offers a bespoke large-area cleaning machine for use at airports. The sweeping and suction system of the fully hydrostatic machine is specially designed for a working width of up to six metres. As an option, the FFK machine can be equipped with a high-pressure water pump and a variety of additional cleaning devices, thus further increasing the machine's economic efficiency. This makes the machine, mounted on a 2-axle-carrier vehicle, the perfect solution for cleaning airport aprons as well as cleaning runways at airports.  

Großflächigen Kehr- und Reinigungsmaschinen für perfekte Säuberung von Verkehrsflächen im Flughafenbereich - EHR Fahrzeugtechnik



Cleaning of airport aprons

EHR's large area sweeping and cleaning machines ensure perfect cleaning of sensitive circulation areas at at airports. Contaminants or foreign bodies and materials that can cause damage to aircraft and thus become a danger to safe air traffic are reliably removed.


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Drive system

The FFK features a continuous hydrostatic travel and blower drive. A robust electronic CAN bus control system ensures a smooth, load-independent continuous working and blower speed.

This system offers the great advantage that no auxiliary engine is required to drive the devices, as all devices are operated by the engine of the carrier vehicle. Thus, operation of the diesel engine is highly economical.

Dirt container and tank

The dirty water tank has a capacity of up to 7 m³; larger capacities are also possible on request.

The water tanks are made of V2A stainless steel. The freshwater volume is adjusted to the machine configuration which has been selected.

Sweeping and suction system

The sweeping and suction system includes 2 laterally retractable roller brushes and a central suction device with an integrated suction nozzle mounted behind. The FFK is fitted with a separately switchable low-pressure wetting system.

The machine’s configuration allows for cleaning a working width of up 6 m in a single run.

The suction system can optionally be adapted for winter use ensuring the removal of glycol.

High-pressure water system

The FFK machine can optionally be provided with a high-pressure water system and corresponding cleaning devices such as a rear suction-washing system, an oil spill removal feature, etc., Ölspurbeseitigungsanlage, etc.