Customised vehicle solutions for a variety of cleaning tasks


The versatility of our cleaning machines and our high degree of flexibility enable us to meet almost every demand that customers place on their new cleaning vehicles. Consequently, almost every cleaning machine delivered by EHR is a custom-built machine.

Modular cleaning vehicles for a variety of tasks in urban and airport areas, road construction and road cleaning - EHR Fahrzeugtechnik

Vehicle solutions

Versatility and flexibility



Having developed five different ranges of machines, we are able to offer technically mature cleaning machines for use in municipal, road cleaning and road construction applications or at airports. Each range of our machines has been specially designed for a respective cleaning task.

Modular system

Some of the EHR machine series have features that make them very flexible in meeting your anticipated demands. These features include working width, wastewater container volume and water pump capacity. Moreover, all machine series can be equipped with a large range of equipment.

Technical expertise

EHR is known for its team of excellently trained specialists who with their extensive know-how contribute to the development, design, assembly and the putting into service of each and every cleaning vehicle.

Warranted quality

Every EHR cleaning machine is perfectly matched to your exacting cleaning tasks. We exclusively use high-quality components and parts provided by reputable European suppliers and are thus able to ensure the reliability and durability of our cleaning machines.

Carrier vehicles

Our cleaning machines are designed for flexible mounting on a large range of different carrier vehicles. This outstanding flexibility pertains to the number of axles as well as the make of the carrier vehicle. If desired, we can also mount our cleaning machine on an already available suitable carrier vehicle.

Qualified repair services, smooth maintenance and servicing - EHR Fahrzeugtechnik

Perfect customer service for
specialized cleaning machines


Our comprehensive service portfolio helps us ensure the high performance and safety of our specialized cleaning vehicles over the long term. Our customer service staff and service technicians are uncomplicated and professional. This enables us to keep breakdowns and downtime to a minimum.

Customer service

Comprehensive range of services


Maintenance & Service

A team of experienced service technicians ensures that EHR’s high-performance, technically advanced specialized cleaning machines can keep on doing their work smoothly and with virtually no downtime for a long time. Even after many years of use! Accordingly, we also offer comprehensive general overhauls for our sweeping and cleaning machines.


EHR offers qualified repair services performed by our skilled service technicians. Should a part nevertheless become damaged, we can ensure the shortest possible downtime for our cleaning vehicles.

Qualified repair services, smooth maintenance and servicing - EHR Fahrzeugtechnik
Qualified repair service, smooth maintenance and service - EHR Fahrzeugtechnik

Spare parts

EHR maintains an extensive stock of spare parts directly on site - our customers thus benefit from fast access to spare parts for EHR cleaning machines. As a result, we can keep the turnaround time for service, maintenance and repairs to a minimum.

Vehicle overhaul

To encourage sustainability and account for our customer’s economic situation, making the longest possible use of our cleaning machines is a top priority for us. Through professional vehicle overhaul, we restore outdated machines to an operationally safe and efficient condition.

Vehicle retrofit

EHR's modular concept also makes it possible to retrofit cleaning vehicles in order to adapt them for additional or modified cleaning tasks. All issues regarding the technical and economic feasibility of a retrofit are discussed in detail with our customers.

Qualified repair services, smooth maintenance and servicing - EHR Fahrzeugtechnik